Introduction to Products

MWS Equipment  MWS (Multi Wire Saw)

Crystalline Silicon Systems

Ingots(Monocrystalline / Polycrystal)

Wafer Slicing

Representative Model

Cleaning to Cassette Storage

  • Removal from MWS

  • Cleaning

  • Bond separation

  • Cassette storage

Representative Model

Texture Formation

pn Junction Formation (Thermal Diffusion)

Oxidized Film Removal

Antireflective Film Formation

Electrode Formation

Crystalline Sapphire Systems

Ingots (Monocrystalline)

Wafer Slicing

Slicing with rocking motion

Rocking motion slicing mechanism
When the wire is in contact with the work at only one point, it slices the work in an arc so that the load is applied concentrically to the contact area, ensuring high precision and high productivity.

Representative Model





Lapping / Polishing

LED Manufacturing Process (Outline)

  • Epitaxial wafer

  • LED chip

  • Lamp