Introduction to Products


  • Sapphire, SiC, GaN
  • Magnet


  • Faster Wire Speed and Higher Wire Tension
    The wire speed of 1,200m/min and the wire tension of 50N allows the machine to slice faster with high accuracy.
  • Higher Rigidity
    The machine has high rigidity frame, fine table and increased rigidity to all direction for fast slicing and higher wire tension.
  • New Rocking Mechanism
    From the know-how of Takatori, this machine has a “New Rocking Mechanism” for higher accuracy slicing. The tension control is controlled electrically to stabilize the wire tension
  • Overwhelming Performance
    Full change model of MWS-612DD which had overwhelming favorable reception for slicing sapphire. Low centroid structure leads to easier operation. Increased sales performance from beginning of sales.
  • Others
    Less number of wire pulley from the conventional machine.

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