Introduction to Products


  • Sapphire, SiC, GaN
  • Magnet


  • New Challenge For High Speed Slicing
    Equipment optimized to meet the growing needs for the Diamond fixed abrasive wire targeting high speed / high precision slicing.
    Various changes made to the original equipment to handle fixed abrasive wire.
  • Spindle Rocking & Auto Wire Wind System
    Takatori’s original Spindle Rocking Slicing exerts full effect in fixed abrasive slicing as it does with loose abrasive.
    Auto Wire Winding System is successively equipped.
  • High Rigidity Spindle
    Spindles of higher rigidity are mounted to enable 300mmL capability.
  • Two Spindle System
    Two Spindle System increases the wire contact area with the work rollers (wire guides) by 50% , which ensures more stable slicing operation.
    Work Roller maintenance cost will also be saved.
  • Stable Wire Tension Control
    Wire tension is all electronically controlled to ensure precise and stable control as well as easy operation.
  • 300mmL Capability
    Applicable ingot length capability has been increased to 300mmL . Productivity increased by 10%.

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