Introduction to Products


  • Sapphire, SiC, GaN
  • Magnet


  • Variable Wire Reverse Control
    Wire Feed Reel, Wire Take-up Reel and the Main Spindles are electronically controlled in unique synchronized system.
    Wire reverse cycle is variable as desired to set up the optimal slicing parameters for defferent applications.
  • High Wire Speed
    Wire Speed of 700m/min(2,296ft/min) is achieved, which is known as the highest effective speed in general wire saw operation.
  • Three Spindle System
    Three Spindle System reduce load to each spindle, which results in longer spindle lifetime.
    Also, stable cutting result with wider roller pitch is realised.
  • Stable Wire Tension Control
    Wire tension is all electronically controlled to ensure precise stable control as well as easy operation.
  • □200mmL Capability
    Applicable ingot size has been increased to □200mm(φ8 inch).
    Productivity increased by 25%.
  • High Rigidity Spindle
    Spindles of higher rigidity are mounted to enable 300mmL capability.
  • Heat Exchange Slurry Chiller
    High Capacity Heat Exchange Slurry Chiller System is newly equipped.
  • Spindle Rocking and Auto Wire Wind System
    Takatori's original Spindle Rocking and Auto Wire Wind System is successively equipped.

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