Company Information

Production and Quality Management

Received ISO9001 certification

The production system that is adopted for assuring the quality of product and service and is centralized in the production management allowed us to achieve ISO9001 certification attesting to its capability of meeting international standard.

Certifying Organization: ASR Registered Company Certified corporate name: Takatori Corporation

Production System

The Takatori headquarters and new production plant facility, which cover the area of 2,900 square meters in the city of Kashihara, Nara, was reinforced in 1998 as part of the project to make the production management system more tightly integrated than in the past. Takatori products enjoy an excellent reputation both in Japan and overseas. To maintain this strong position, Takatori continues to devote ceaseless effort to keep the global network that we have constructed.

Medical device field

ISO13485On October 18, 2016, we acquired ISO 13485:2003 certification, Medical devices- Quality management system- Requirements for regulatory purposes.

Quality policy for medical devices
Takatori company policy embodies a spirit of hands-on development and innovation. This approach underpins all our efforts as we work to understand what our customers truly need and deliver products that provide exceptional safety, quality and usability, as well as outstanding cost performance.

In all our business activities, we operate in strict compliance with relevant laws, ordinances and regulatory requirements. This involves ongoing steps to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. It is our hope that through these efforts the name Takatori will become synonymous with reliability.