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Takatori Corporation, as a professional team of 'Monodukuri', creating things that do not exist is offering solution to the world with unique technologies and alliance ~Please ask anything we might be able to help you with, because we are Takatori~

Yoshiro Kitamura

Makoto Masuda,

68th anniversary of the company's establishment! Entering the Final Stage of Second Foundation towards the 70th Anniversary

As we celebrated our 68th anniversary in October 2023, we have entered the final growth stage of the revitalization plan for the foundation of manufacturing companies that we have been promoting since the 60th fiscal year.

Based on the spirit of "Creation and Innovation," which has been our corporate motto since the company's foundation, and believing that our corporate value is "Takatori is to create things that do not exist in the world", we have always been striving to provide solutions to our customers' diversifying needs and our products have been favored by many customers for 67 years, across the world, always ahead of the times, with the latest technology of our own and alliances.

However, the speed of technological innovation and changes in our main markets are only becoming more and more fierce, and we are unable to cope with this with traditional approach to manufacturing. From 60th fiscal year, we have positioned this period as second foundation stage, a point of change in Takatori's long history, we have adopted the slogans of "Information Power Strategy," "Deployment Power Strategy," and "Strategy for Product Power," in addition to "Competition and Competitive Strategy", "Tolerance", "Reform" and "Challenge" and we have been reinforcing the revitalization of our manufacturing foundations.

From the 67th fiscal year, we have established a new business formation and Takatori's version of DX, and have been working more closely with overseas business partners to actively exchange market information, new development plans, and the status of competitiveness, to create a system that enables us to respond more timely, and "TEAM TAKATORI" involving all employees will focus more than ever on a profit-generating system with constant awareness of our "Management Philosophy" and aim to realize the "Creation and Innovation" of new business models.

Currently, our primary business is the development, manufacture, and sale of cutting machines for hard and brittle materials (multi-wire saws), manufacturing equipment for semiconductors and panel displays, and high-efficiency, high-precision cutting machines for functional fiber materials (automatic cutting machines), among others.

Although the external environment will continue to put pressure on earnings in the current fiscal year, due in part to the impact of the continuing sharp rise in raw material costs, we will further strengthen cooperation with Takatori (Changshu) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. which was established in China in 2017 and local alliance companies, increase the local production ratio to achieve cost competitiveness and strengthen our profit structure.

In addition, we are heavily involved in the SiC power semiconductor business, which is the key to realizing a decarbonized society. To fulfill this responsibility, MWS-SiC6 cutting machine, which has thoroughly pursued the cutting method of materials and has already been introduced to the market is receiving overwhelming support from customers around the world.

In addition, the new MWS-Xα large-diameter SiC material cutting machine, which is scheduled to be released this fiscal year, not only performs cutting, but has labor-saving and rationalization functions within the factory. Also, in the post-process grinding process, we will release "GLAPPING-SiC", a new processing machine that shortens the process and saves labor. With these processing machines, we realize substantial profit generation for our customers.

Enhancement of medical equipment and healthcare products
We are challenged to create things that do not exist and help people in the medical and healthcare fields as well.

We are looking for opportunities to develop our next original products as well as to enhance our supply of OEM and ODM products. We aim to further establish, expand, develop, and expand our business by fusing our unique ideas and technologies with alliances.

Entering clean energy field!

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, there is a need for all solid lithium-ion batteries (all solid LIBs) that can provide longer continuous driving distances, shorter recharging times, smaller battery units, and greater safety in the event of a collision, but the industry is currently facing technical barriers to making this a reality. Takatori has set out to develop a mass production system that embodies this solution. The result will be the establishment of a world-leading proprietary all solid LIB manufacturing process, which will greatly contribute to the improvement of the performance characteristics and popularization of electric vehicles. We aim to use the result to expand our business.
In addition, we have launched a project to create new businesses in preparation for a carbon-neutral society.
Through group meetings among employees, we will envision the future of the carbon neutral industry and work together as a whole company to consider the business we should pursue.

◆Throughout all businesses, we will do our best to support our customers' business by placing the highest priority on creating environmentally friendly products and focusing on safety.

We are determined to carry on the tradition of "Monozukuri Spirit" as well as further improve the technologies and continue to invest in our human resources; as we have done since the establishment of the company in order to be successful.
We would like to strengthen our corporate operation to become a more reliable company for our clients and society as we move towards our next milestone, "70th anniversary".

- To be a company trusted and loved by society!
- We strictly observe laws and contribute to society.
- We are devoted to research and development. We are always looking towards the future and to offer solutions in niche markets and to become a company trusted and loved by society.

~We are "Takatori creating things that do not exist in the world."~