Company Information

Corporate History

  • Established a subsidiary, TAKATORI (CHANGSHU)PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD in Changshu City.

  • Received approval as a Medical Device Marketing Authorization Holder.

  • Registered for medical equipment manufacturing business and obtained a license for the manufacture and sales of Class 1 medical equipment.
  • Founder and Chairman Oushou Takatori (deceased) retired.
  • Published the company history, to commemorate the company's 60th anniversary since its founding.
  • Held a celebration marking the company's 60th anniversary.
  • Received the 2014 Technology Award from the Japan Society for Abrasive Technology (for multi-wire saw)
  • "Innovations in the drive parts of the high-speed reciprocal-travel vibrating multi-wire saw" was adopted for the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency's revised FY2013 "Innovative Manufacturing, Commercial, and/or Service Business of Small and Medium Enterprises"
  • Listed 2nd Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange due to the integration of Osaka Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Concluded the framework agreement of industry-university collaboration with Nara Medical University.
  • Joined Japan Business Federation.
  • Completion of a new factory on the premises of headquarters.
  • Established Tokushima Institute in Tokushima Prefectural Engineering Center.
  • Received Special Award in 4th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award Competition.
  • Opened a new Takatori showroom.
  • Received the highest award in Nara Business Award.
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry started the "New Material Power Semiconductor Device Project Toward Achieving a Low-Carbon Society".
  • Relaunched Takatori’s corporate Web site.
  • Kyushu sales office moved.
  • Concluded a business collaboration contract with MTC Co.,Ltd. (manufacturing and sales of semiconductor photomask related equipments) and made it an affiliated company.
  • Concluded a business collaboration contract with Wintest Corporation (development and sales of inspection equipments for CCD imaging element and FPD, etc) and made it an affiliated company.
  • Obtained a certification for the ISO14001:2004 international standard for envionmental management system.
  • Concretized "Seven Core Technologies" as strategic core technology and set up a technical slogan.
  • Reviced corporate philosophy to mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the company.
  • Closed Taiwan Takatori Corporation.
  • Closed Tokyo Branch and Shanghai Representative office.
  • Listed in 2nd Section of Osaka Security Exchange.
  • Tokyo Branch moved to Chuo-ku,Tokyo.
  • Shanghai Representative office opened.
  • LCD Modules Production Division received ISO9001:2000 certification.
  • The MWS Division received ISO9001 certification.
  • Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange New Market section.
  • Established the Taiwan Takatori Corporation in order to expand our presence in the electronics machinery area in the Taiwanese market.
  • Established the Kyushu Sales Office.
  • Expanded headquarters factory.
  • In order to increase production capability, moved the LCD Machinery Division from headquarters to the Takada Factory.
  • Developed and marketed the MWS (Multiwire Saw). Established the Tokyo sales office.
  • Began the assembly of liquid crystal modules in order to cultivate the liquid crystal field.
  • Merged 4 subsidiaries in a move to increase business efficiency.
  • Moved headquarters to Kashihara City in Nara prefecture.
  • Received 19th Medium and Small Business Research Institute Award (present "Good Company Award"), Regional Commendation.
  • Developed and marketed our ATM/ATRM (Wafer protective tape laminating machine, Wafer protective tape removal machine,).
  • Changed trade name to Takatori Corporation.
  • Developed and marketed TAC (cutting system for apparel).
  • Developed and marketed TAB bonding machine for LCD.
  • Selected as a small to medium-sized buziness streamlining model by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
  • Enter the field of semiconductor machinery utilizing our accumulated technology.
  • Developed and marketed the LC series. (Automatic Crotch Seaming Machine)
  • Entered into contracts with overseas distributors and began full-scale export operation.
  • Established an on-site sales representative office in the U.S. and in Tokyo. Strengthening of the maketing and services system. Began technical cooperation with overseas manufacturers in order to strengthen development.
  • Began technical cooperation with JUKI Corporaition and APW(automatic machinery for sewing pockets) and entered the field of machines for apparel. (March,2006 technical cooperation cancellation)
  • Received the "Invention Award" for the LC series from the Directior-General of the Science and Technology Agency.
  • Completed new company building in Yamatotakada city, Nara.
  • Received the Leading Company award from the Director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
  • New factory establishde in Kashihara City,Nara.
  • Developed and marketed the TC. (Automatic Toe Seaming Machine)
  • Began engaging in development and repair activities at the Nara Industrial Laboratory.
  • Established TAKATORI MACHINARY MFG. CO.,Ltd. in Yamatotakada City, Nara and began the manufacture and sales of textile machinery.