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Textile Equipment

TAC-VN Series

Marker creation Sorting information Cutting changes Barcode System (Option) Data registration system

Data registration system

Data Entry System / NT
The cutting data system increases cutting efficiency and reduces the amount of time spent in preparation for cutting.
● Registration of data in multiple TACs is possible using single system.

Cutting changes

Super Cut III / NT
The host of functions allows the TAC system to its fullest performance, boosting cutting efficiency.
● Includes Takatori’s original cutting function that allows smooth processing of remnants.

Barcode System (Option)

The barcode system reduces the preparation time for cutting and further increases cutting efficiency. It also helps to prevent cutting based on errors in marker callout.
Marking Specification Sheets with Barcodes
Super Cut converts the marker information (marker names, etc.) on marking specification sheets to barcodes and prints them out. These barcodes are read to Cutting Adviser and preparations are made for cutting.

Sorting information

TAC-LBX Automatic Labeling Machine

Reduces the cost and eases parts sorting.
● If a printer is attached to the head section, 3 second / piece sticking speeds can be achieved.

Marker creation

Apparel CAD
Unified support from pattern making to grading, marking and the preparation of sewing specification sheets.
● The TAC system is linked to each company’s apparel CAD system.

Representative Model

TAC-VN Series

TAC-M Series


TAC-C Series


Cutting Width 1,200 mm
1,600 mm
Cutting Table Length 2 to 12 m (configurable to any length in meters)
Cutting Table Height 800 mm

TAC-C1208(Standard Specification)

Cutting Area 1,200 mm × 8,000 mm
Fabric Thickness During absorption within 5 mm
Cutting Method Reciprocation system
Head Speed Straight line w/dry run 60 m/min.
Fabric Setting Blower absorption (inverter control system)
Air Supply 0.5 Mpa (70NL)
Electric Capacity Approx. 27.5 KVA 3Φ AC 200 V 50/60 Hz
Weight Approx. 3,000 kg


・Labeling System
・Ultrasonic Vibration Unit

・SUPER CUT II (CAD Date Editing Soft)
・LAN System
・Data Registration System

Representative Model

TAC-C Series