Introduction to Products


  • Sapphire, SiC, GaN
  • LT, LN


  • 300mmL Capability
    Applicable ingot length capability has been increased to 300mmL. Productivity increased by 10%.
  • Two spindle system
    Two spindle system increases the wire contact area with the work rollers (wire guides) by 50%, which ensures more stable slicing operation.
    Work Roller maintenance cost will also be saved.
  • High Wire Speed
    Wire speed of 700m/min(2,296ft/min)is achieved, which is known as the highest effective speed in general wire saw operation.
  • Heat Exchange Slurry Chiller
    High Capacity Heat Exchange Slurry chiller system is newly equipped.
  • The downcutting system reduces wire breakage because fragments from the work piece are not drawn in to work roller. In addition, material loss is kept to a minimum through full wire web.
  • ln this system,the abrasive sollution enters the cut surface of the work uniformly, cuttings are smoothly discharged and increase the lapping effect thereby minimizing post processing.
  • Wire control through a direct drive system saves space and allows for increased wire speeds.
  • Automatic wire winding results in reduced operation time.

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