Introduction to Products


  • Sapphire, SiC, GaN
  • LT, LN
  • GaAs, Gap, InP


  • The downcutting system reduces wire breakage because fragments from the work piece are not drawn in to work roller. In addition, material loss is kept to a minimum through full wire web.
  • ln this system,the abrasive sollution enters the cut surface of the work uniformly, cuttings are smoothly discharged and increase the lapping effect thereby minimizing post processing.
  • Wire control through a direct drive system saves space and allows for increased wire speeds.
  • The setting of parameters most suited to the work is microcomputer controlled.
  • Up to 60 parameters can be set on the working conditions,including table speed, swinging angle,swinging cycle,wire speed and the amount of wire to be supplied.
  • Automatic wire winding results in reduced operation time.

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