Introduction to Products


  • Solar Cell
  • LT, LN
  • Magnet
  • Ceramic


  • Best applied to large-size ingot
    Capable of slicing:
    ・One piece of 440mm(L)×156mm(H)×500mm(W) sized material
    ・Two pieces of 156mm(L)×
     156mm(H)×500mm(W) sized material
    (Depends on hardness etc.)
    Resulting minimal kerfloss,MWS-4450DD is able to slice various large-size materials such as solar silicon,neodymium magnet,glass,and ceramic. 
  • Suggestion of fixed abrasive cutting 
    Using the know-how of fixed abrasive cutting as an aside to the machine design allows higt-speed high-precision cutting.
  • Work parallel cutting
    Adopts parallel cutting whose difficulty is said relatively high.
    Takatori's unique technology allows mass cutting although the machine size is compact.
  • Dual spindle structure
    Able to cut two pieces of 500mmL work with dual spindle realizing reduction of maintenance time and cost.
  • Improved main spindle rigidity
    High rigid spindle and both-end support structure allows to cut ultra thin solar silicon.
    High precision cooling feature secures heat issue.
  • Wire tension stability
    Adopts Takatori unique wire tension feed-back method.
    Full electronic sontrolling system allows stable cutting regardless of thin wire.


 for use in slicing other materials




 for use in slicing solar silicon