Introduction to Products

LCD Equipment

(TFT liquid crystal module production and Takatori products)

LCD module manufacturing

Cullet removal&Cleaning

The removal of cullets (glass shards) and debris from the panel surface using a blade (or polish sheet).Done under high pressure pure water.

Attachment of polarizing plate attachment

The polarizing plate attachment is attached in its precise position on the outer surface of the panel.

Panel Surface Cleaning Machines

LCS-0105B( 1-5 inch LCD panel )

LCS-0108( 1-8 inch LCD panel )

LCS-0207A( 2-7 inch LCD panel )

LCS-0515A( 5-15 inch LCD panel )

Polarizer Attaching Machines

LPA-0105B( 1-5 inch LCD panel )

CPO-L3D( 1-8 inch LCD panel )

LPA-0207B( 2-7 inch LCD panel )

LPA-0515A( 5-15 inch LCD panel )

Affixing ACF tape

The ACF tape (anisotropic conductive tape) to attach TCP and a driver IC is attached.

COG temporary bonding / Final bonding

TCP temporary bonding

Final bonding: The driver IC and the TCP are affixed upon the ACF tape.

Input board (FPB) attachment

After the ACF tape is again affixed to the board, the input board (PCB) is connected.

PCB Bonding Machine

TTP-H10( 10-24 inch LCD panel )

Backlight insertion

The back light of a light source is attached.

Adding the case

It is included into the case, and it is the completion of the liquid crystal module.

Finished LC module

Touch Panel (or Cover Glass) Bonding Process Machines

After the optical attachment sheet is fixed to the touch panel (or cover glass), the touch panel (or cover glass) and LCD panel are attached in a vacuum environment.

Optical Adhesive Sheet Attachment Machine

LPL-0210( 2-10 inch LCD panel )

Vacuum Bonding Machines

TPL-0208( 2-8 inch LCD panel )

TPL-0210M( 2-10 inch LCD panel )